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Fighting Covid with Fun

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Covid is the curveball none of us saw coming in 2020. It has brought many down and conversely, many have also come out stronger.

Today, we bring cheer to one and all by discussing not just one but five ways to fight it with FUN.

Board games have long been a hallmark within our family. We often choose to stay in , avoiding weekend crowds to play board games with our kids. It brings laughter, competition, cooperation, strategy and so much more all rolled into an afternoon. Now with Covid and CMCO again in Malaysia, we tend to stay in more than we would like to. There are ways to stay sane, mentally stimulated without school and still enjoy the days. Most importantly, we are spending precious family and friend time together.

So if you are stuck at home now, board games could be a life saver. You may be thinking "But we already have Monopoly and Uno", as most folks would. However, there exists a greater world out there with board games of all types. Those who have already ventured into this world would know at least Catan, Carcassone and maybe Ticket To Ride.

Presenting 5 solid games that are easy, can be played by all ages and guaranteed to bring fun and sanity during Covid, as well as get the brain juices going without anyone noticing. Here, we are fighting Covid with Fun.

1. Exploding Kittens

This was one of the most popularly backed KickStarter game, raising $8.7million, that has taken a life of its own. It just keeps giving and people keep asking for it non-stop. The aim of this game is to be the last man or kitten standing. There are bombs hidden in the deck of cards as everyone takes turns to draw them, roulette style. Your life is safe as long as you have a defuse card but when you run out of these cards, you can only wish the bomb on someone else. BUY

2. Point Salad

This is a wonderful game by AEG that was named the Best Casual Game of the Year 2019. It's easy to pick up and yet offers loads of fun.

For kids, it trains their minds to see patterns, work with numbers and strategise for maximum score. For adults, it levels up with a competitive edge of not just protecting your collections but also breaking your opponents'. Fight for the win! This game can be played by any age and that's why it has become so popular globally. BUY (More on Point Salad)

3. Check Out!

Check Out! is a newly launched Singapore designed game by Mercat Games.

It is an exciting 2 to 6 player dice chucking, fast grabbing, family game where you rush to your favourite convenience store to grab your favourite snacks.

This game is all about speed. It is all about how fast you plan your snacks and how fast your hands can grab, to gain the highest score. Be the first to check out for sweet deals. It can really bring out the supermarket "Auntie" & "Uncle" in each of us. BUY

4. Rummikub

An all time classic that sits nicely between a mahjong and a gin rummy game, with a twist. This is truly a game that can cross generations, ensuring that children can have wonderful hours with their grandparents. Making sets and patterns and then manipulating them to clear all the tiles on one's hands, requires not just recognition of patterns but also the ability to spot potential patterns not yet formed. The adrenaline comes when jokers come into play, ensuring one's hand have more flexibility while holding the risk of ending with the highest demerit points. It's all in the strategy! BUY

5. Hellapagos

Published by Gigamic Games, this game rocks with its realistic Survivor Reality TV series theme. Everyone starts off friendly and altrusitic till the food and water has run out. It is basically a cooperative/ competitive game depending on which group of friends you play with. Every game is different depending on the cards you manage to draw and how the strategies change with experience and scheming. It always brings out the laughter in groups and a lot of negotiation and discussion. Definitely a favourite to also understand your family and friends and how they think and strategise! BUY

Get them, play them, gift them. Any configuration works as a wonderful addition to the game shelf at home or as Christmas gifts. Where To PLAY & BUY the games

Mt Austin, JB, Johor - Gen Board Boardgame Cafe

Malacca City, Malacca - Table Secret Board Game Cafe

Shah Alam, Selangor - Centlus Board Game Exchange

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