Point Salad is a game that is ON Point!

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Homer Simpson from the American tv show, [The Simpsons] once said “ You don’t win friends with salad” but you sure can make friends with salad and strengthen relationships with the game Point Salad!

Point Salad is a famously popular card game globally, scoring an impressive 7.3 on BoardGameGeek.com. It is a card drafting and building game for 2-6 players Everyone takes turns collecting veggie and point cards to score the most points with as many salad ingredients as they can.

It is a ‘healthy’ (pun intended) game which encourages healthy competition among one another in a race for points. It has simple mechanics but provides oodles of fun, especially when you aim to destroy your friends’ best laid plans. Perfect for families with kids, friends with time to kill and generally any age group, itching for a game that doesn’t take 2 hours to complete. Quick, easy to learn and enjoyable across ages.

In fact, one can even use this game to insidiously encourage children to love Math, because they want to win, they have to count well. Parents, rejoice.

During your turn , you have two actions to take to complete your turn. Draft one point card or draft two veggie cards. Once per turn you can also flip over point cards to be veggie cards as an additional action.

Once all cards have been drafted , calculate the victory points by referring to the point cards . Add the scores together and the player with the highest points is deemed the winner! It is that simple.