• Lefko

Travelling the World during Lockdown

With the Covid lock down on travel, we can only dream of vacations and a life elsewhere. Come dream with us at #Lefko. 1. Turkey - ISTANBUL

Travel to the Middle East and explore the beauty of ancient Turkey, right on your table top. In #Istanbul, you are a merchant and work the markets for maximum reward. You have runners/ workers under you who will make your job more productive and your strategy of what items to purchase in the market will determine if you are the richest merchant at the end. It is all about the rubies you collect, so make sure you hoard the rubies and grab them as fast as you can.


2. Countryside - AGRICOLA / AGRICOLA (Family Edition)

Yearning for a break from city life and dreaming of frolicking in the country side? You can in #Agricola. Kind of. Here, you are a farmer who breeds animals, manage resources and breeds babies too. Every baby makes your farm more productive but that also means you have more mouths to feed. It's a fine balance, this farming business. Just make sure you never have to beg for food to feed your family. You win when you are the most successful farmer at the tabl