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Travelling the World during Lockdown

With the Covid lock down on travel, we can only dream of vacations and a life elsewhere. Come dream with us at #Lefko. 1. Turkey - ISTANBUL

Travel to the Middle East and explore the beauty of ancient Turkey, right on your table top. In #Istanbul, you are a merchant and work the markets for maximum reward. You have runners/ workers under you who will make your job more productive and your strategy of what items to purchase in the market will determine if you are the richest merchant at the end. It is all about the rubies you collect, so make sure you hoard the rubies and grab them as fast as you can.

Yearning for a break from city life and dreaming of frolicking in the country side? You can in #Agricola. Kind of. Here, you are a farmer who breeds animals, manage resources and breeds babies too. Every baby makes your farm more productive but that also means you have more mouths to feed. It's a fine balance, this farming business. Just make sure you never have to beg for food to feed your family. You win when you are the most successful farmer at the table.

(Family Edition available for younger kids.)

Paris is one of the most desirable destination in France. However, it is also crowded with tourists, during non-Covid times. In #TheCastlesOfBurgundy, we bring you back a little in history to beautiful and quaint Burgundy, not just as any commoner but as a Prince! Take note, there are also other princes there and everyone is fighting to be the PRINCE of all Princes. You bid and draft for ships, goods, buildings to build a thriving estate. As royalty, you have workers but sometimes you need more and every resource comes with a different benefit. Plan your estate well and you'll reap the rewards every Prince can only dream of. Edge out the other Princes and be the true Castle Builder of Burgundy.

4. Ancestral - STONE AGE

Maybe some of us yearn for historical times, all the way back to #StoneAge, wondering how our ancestors lived.

You and your tribe members, trade and build towards new levels of civilisation... one day leading to our modern world.

It is a back breaking life as we engage in back breaking work of collecting wood, washing gold and breaking stone. Competition was already rife even then as tribes fight for food and ensure the survival of their peoples. On the flip side of the physical toil, there was surely no rampant obesity. Which tribe would be king of the Stone Age?

5. Puerto Rico - SAN JUAN

Venture into South America's Puerto Rico where many previous Miss Universe have hailed from. Step into the capital city of #SanJuan of yonder days and trade in indigo, sugar, tobacco, coffee, and silver. Buy violet buildings with special powers to magnify your capacity and productivity.

Patience and strategy will gain you the upper hand in this lighter version of the parent game Puerto Rico.

The world is our oyster and while Covid has kept us in, it does not stop us from exploring the world through board games.

Here are other worlds to explore. Click on hyperlinks to find out more.

1. Greece - Santorini

2. France - Catan

3. Portugal - Azul

5. Island of Survival - Hellapagos

Which world do you want to travel to today?

Tell us in the comments!


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