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UPC: 4714398492199
Publisher: AMIGO, Swan Panasia Games
Designer: Fréderic Moyersoen
Ages: 8+
Min. Players: 3
Max. Players: 10
Duration: 30 min
Type: Family, Party
Category: Bluffing, Card Game, Party Game
Mechanisms: Hidden Roles, Network and Route Building, Hand Management

The all-time favorite party game.

Players take on the role of dwarves. As miners, they are in a mine, hunting for gold. Suddenly, a pick axe swings down and shatters the mine lamp. The saboteur has struck. But which of the players are saboteurs? Will you find the gold, or will the fiendish actions of the saboteurs lead them to it first? After three rounds, the player with the most gold is the winner. (English)

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