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Tofu Kingdom (Chinese)

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Product Details
Publisher: Blue Orange, Swan Panasia Games
Designer: Kuraki Mura
Ages: 10+
Min. Players: 3
Max. Players: 8
Duration: 10-30 min

Tofu Kingdom is a deduction game involving seven characters.

The player assuming the role of Prince Mochi asks each of the other players one question and then guesses which player plays the role of Princess Tofu, the love of Prince Mochi. When answering Prince Mochi's questions, the other players must either lie or tell the truth in accordance with the cards they hold.

The player who Prince Mochi deducts (rightly or wrongly) to be Princess Tofu wins the round and receives the number of points specified on his/her card. The goal of this game is to be the first player to accumulate 7 points.

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