Sugar Blast

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UPC: 889696008299
Publisher: CMON
Designer: Leo Almeida, Matthew O'Malley, Ben Rosset
Ages: 8+
Min. Players: 1
Max. Players: 4
Duration: 20 min
Mechanisms: Pattern Recognition, Set Collection

Making sweet combinations can be such a blast! In Sugar Blast, you try to make connections between same-colored candies to create blasts! You must swap out two adjacent candies to make a string of three or more of the same type. Then, you remove the matched candies and adjust the unique tilting board so that candies slide down to fill in the missing spaces. Finally, you fill in candies at the top from ones chosen randomly from the bag. The bigger the blast you create, the more candies you earn.

You are going to try to make big moves, but must be careful not to leave valuable opportunities for your opponents. Everyone is in a race to collect candies and complete the objective card. The first one to collect the necessary candies will earn a sweet victory!

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