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Publisher: CMON
Designer: Fel Barros, Marco Portugal
Ages: 10+
Min. Players: 2
Max. Players: 6
Duration: 15-30 min

Tap in to your team's powers and abilities to walk away with the loot!

Word around these parts is the dragon that was guarding a mountain cave full of treasure has taken flight, and all that ill gotten booty is just sitting there for the taking! Looterz is played over several rounds of recruitment, exploration and battle. It's up to you to assemble a team of adventurers that can do away with the competition and bring home the loot. Each turn you'll get a chance to loot gold from the dragon's lair, use one of your team members’ special powers, and even fight one of the other Looterz, trying to take the bounty that is rightfully yours. Adventuring isn't an exact science, and it will take as much luck as it will skill to earn the most treasure. If fate is on your side, you'll be able to retire with a nice little nest egg and leave the adventuring to the next generation.

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