Hellapagos: They're No Longer Alone (Expansion)

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Hellapagos - Tribe and Characters Expansion

They're no longer alone...

By exploring their island, the castaways of Hellapagos have made a discovery that will change everything! There are other marooned voyagers here that have already established themselves, and apparently for quite a few years, because they seem to have forgotten the basic moral code of a civilized life!

30 event cards : You will use 12 cards each time you play to define the scenario for that game (more or less catastrophic).

20 character cards: As the adventure unfolds, the castaways

discover talents, and take roles in the community... for better or worse!

20 Wreckage cards: with 14 new effects.

*NOTE* This is not the full game, Hellapagos is required to play.

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