GeistesBlitz 2.0

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UPC: 4714398494896
Publisher: Swan Panasia Games
Designer: Jacques Zeimet
Ages: 8+
Min. Players: 2
Max. Players: 8
Duration: 30 min
Type: Family, Party
Category: Dexterity, Reflex, Party Game, Card Game,
Mechanisms: Pattern Recognition

Geistesblitz 2.0 is the second witty reaction game with the extra splash of esprit that makes your brain cells dance.

Now a tub, a brush, a towel, a frog and Balduin's spiritualized friend Babette gather in the middle of the table. You know the rules from Geistesblitz. If a card shows a towel, however, you look for the item that last "dried itself off" with the towel, with the color of the towel being critical. Quakulius the frog demands that you call out the item. If this item appears in the original color, the frog understands only a foreign language.

*NOTE 1* Try it out, by all means: In combination with Geistesblitz, this results in an ecstatic playing experience that brings together both halves of the brain! And this could become really witty!

*NOTE 2* Rules in English, Chinese & Thai included. 内含英文/中文/泰文説明書(Chinese)

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