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Dojo Kun

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Product Details
UPC: 889696002860
Publisher: CMON
Designer: Roberto Pestrin
Ages: 13+
Min. Players: 1
Max. Players: 4
Duration: 60-90 min
Type: Strategy
Category: Dice, Fighting
Mechanisms: Betting and Bluffing, Dice Rolling, Worker Placement

Prove that you’re the best Sensei around. 

In Dojo Kun, players act as Senseis of their own dojo. The game consists of two phases. In the first, they recruit and train students, expand their school’s training facilities, and send their students to go on quests for the local village. In the second, their top students participate in a single-elimination tournament, proving whose martial arts are superior. After two seasons, the player that has accumulated the most Prestige is declared the winner. The two phases play very different, with the first being a worker placement and resource management style, and the tournament being a dice-focused combat game. Dojo Kun is like two games in one, and showing you’re the best will take everything you’ve got. 

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