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Rabbit Rally

The rabbits in Rüben Rallye all want to reach the carrot patch, but to do so, they need to cross the river first - and to do that, they need to make use of planks and stones lying nearby. In the game, all the rabbits start on a platform, and the carrots await on another platform that players set some distance away. On a turn, a player rolls a color die, picks up the cardboard ""plank"" of that color, places a wooden ""stone"" some distance away from where their rabbit is located, then tries to place the plank so that their rabbit will be able to move onto the stone. If the player succeeds, the rabbit moves; if they misjudged where to place the stone, the rabbit stays where it is. By repeating this process, the rabbits move down the ""stream"" to where the carrots are located, with the first player to reach a carrot winning the game. Additional carrots are included so that players can compete for second and third place.

Rabbit Rally

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    Sylvain Ménager

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