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Halli Galli

Using four cones, three scoops, two hands and one challenge card in Go Go Gelato!, you want to scoop your way to victory as quickly as you can. To start the game, each player takes four cones (one of each color) and three scoops of gelato (in three of the four colors), then places those scoops in the matching cones. Someone reveals a challenge card, then everyone races to maneuver the right scoops into the right cones  all without dropping the scoops or touching them by hand. No one will want to eat that! Fulfill the order first, and you claim the challenge card. Whoever collects five challenge cards first wins!

Halli Galli

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  • Publisher

    Swan Panasia Games
  • Designer

    Haim Shafir
  • Ages

  • Min. Players


  • Max. Players


  • Duration

    10 Min
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