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Dirty Money

Dirty Money is a 2-5 players game, set in the world of white collar crime, where you play as corrupted politicians, loan sharks and tax cheaters trying to launder their ill gotten gains. Invest in artwork, businesses and real estate all around the world while trying to turn dirty money into clean money. Beware of your fellow players who will attempt to expose your operation to the government with a legion of lawyers and accountants. Are you able to avoid the government black list while laundering the most amount of money?

Players begin the game with a hand of clean and dirty money and they have to decide to visit a choice of 6 location to retrieve the dirty money generated in that location. They than have to decide how to make use of the clean and dirty money to purchase various types of assets within that location or activate location abilities.

Once a player accumulate 10 types of investment, the game ends and each player will score the investment they have bought and deduct the blacklist penalties they have accumulated due to reporting by other players.

-description from publisher

Dirty Money

Tax Included
  • Publisher

    Capital Gains Studio

  • Designer

    Daryl Chow

  • Ages


  • Min. Players



  • Max. Players



  • Duration

    45 Min

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