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Da Vinci Code (Chinese)

2004 Spiel des Jahres Recommended

2002 Japan Boardgame Prize Best Japanese Game Nominee

Conceal your secret code, outguess your opponent, deduce the solution, amaze your foes. In the game of CODA players try to crack each others code a sequence of secret numbers. Guess an opponent secret number and it is revealed (by knocking it down). Guess incorrectly and you must reveal one of your own secret numbers! On each turn, a new number enters play, which helps you to narrow the possibilities and grow your own code. Common sense, intuition and your detective skills will guide you to success. 

Da Vinci Code (Chinese)

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  • Publisher

    Swan Panasia Games
  • Designer

    Eiji Wakasugi
  • Ages

  • Min. Players


  • Max. Players


  • Duration

    15 Min
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